Share your PG + ASD story – Research Participants wanted!

BACKGROUND Lin Lim, Ph.D., had a colorful educational journey, with primary and secondary schooling in Singapore followed by a Bachelors in Economics with a Minor in Environmental Studies at Boston College. She then completed a doctoral program in Psychology at Boston University, with an interest in attitudes and beliefs. She completed a graduate academic certificateContinue reading “Share your PG + ASD story – Research Participants wanted!”

Letter to TEA Commissioner: Requesting GT inclusion in TEA district guidance for Fall 2020

August 3, 2020  Commissioner Mike Morath, Texas Commissioner of EducationDeputy Commissioner Matthew Montano, Special PopulationsNiloy Gangopadhyay, Director of Special PopulationsMonica Brewer, Statewide Coordinator, Gifted/Talented Education COVID-19 SupportTexas Education Agency1701 N. Congress AvenueAustin, Texas, 78701 Dear Commissioner Morath,  As representatives of families with children who require Gifted and Talented services across the state of Texas, weContinue reading “Letter to TEA Commissioner: Requesting GT inclusion in TEA district guidance for Fall 2020”

NEW! Free Parent Resource on Full Grade Acceleration

Get the PDF “Most parents have heard of ‘skipping grades.’ They may not know, however, that research recommendations can help educators and parents determine whether a grade skip – also called full grade acceleration – may be in a student’s best interest. What does research tell us about this practice, and how does this researchContinue reading “NEW! Free Parent Resource on Full Grade Acceleration”

past / SENG Panel of 13 Leading Black Scholars of GT Education

Online event hosted by SENG – Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted Join SENG’s next Presidential Town Hall Meeting for two exclusive SENGinar panel discussions with 13 leading Black Scholars in Gifted and Talented Education.  Parents and educators are encouraged to attend and learn from the panelists’ personal testimonies, strategies, and practices. Presenters for thisContinue reading “past / SENG Panel of 13 Leading Black Scholars of GT Education”

Black Families Matter

The leaders of the Gifted Education Family Network (GEFN) are devastated by the recent and senseless murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. We recognize that the events of the past month do not exist in isolation. We condemn unjust practices and policies that historically have harmed, endangered, and oppressed Black families inContinue reading “Black Families Matter”

Spring 2020 Newsletter

Gifted Education Family Network Newsletter • Spring 2020 Website |  Twitter | Instagram | Facebook. TOP STORY  Stay home & reach out!  Help grow our network of gifted families Please consider asking friends and family across Texas to join our Gifted Education Family Network. It’s new, it’s free, and its purpose is to advocate forContinue reading “Spring 2020 Newsletter”