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“How To Foster Our Students’ Sense of Purpose” 

Our students are always asking questions–wanting to know more. Usually we revel in this natural curiosity, until they begin to question why…  “Why do I have to learn this?”

From Plato and Kierkegaard to Steven Kolter’s work at the Flow Research Collective, we know that when curiosity and passion align with our purpose, we achieve and succeed. Resilience, perseverance, emotional fortitude, and even physical well-being improve when our purpose is clear.  

In this parent talk, we will share simple strategies that help you meet your student’s needs by uncovering their PKT — their unique alignment between Passion, Knowledge, and Talent. “So what?”

With a clearly defined purpose, we face the hard tasks. With a balanced locus of control, we face adversity and foster lifelong success. Help your student connect schooling to their sense of self. 

Our speakers for this event will be Justin Vawter and Marissa Randolph from NuMinds Enrichment. 
Justin Vawter, M.Ed., Co-founder & CEO, NuMinds Enrichment

After a decade in the traditional classroom, Justin and his business partner, Ben Koch, formed NuMinds Enrichment, an education company focused on creating real, inspired programs and empowering teachers across the globe to construct meaningful, 21st century learning. Justin serves on the 2023 GEFN Legislative Committee and is the proud father of both an advanced learner and a twice-exceptional child. He holds a Masters degree in Curriculum Design & Instruction from the University of North Texas which he uses to oversee curriculum development and instructional design.

Marissa Randolph, Experience Manager, NuMinds Enrichment

Marissa Randolph is a recently retired teacher and Gifted/Talented specialist with 29 years of experience in public education. From teaching in a 1A district in rural Texas, where she was essentially “the English Department,” to working in a fast-growing urban 5/6A district and servicing students at multiple campuses and grade levels, she has been involved in just about any educational setting and situation you can imagine. She holds certifications in Gifted/Talented services, English, Reading Specialist services, and Theater Arts.

“Reimagining Socializing for Twice Exceptional Students”

Socializing has changed and continues to do so as a result of the pandemic. While there are many confounding struggles that our students are facing daily, we must also recognize that socializing itself is transforming.

This presentation walks participants through a strength-based, talent-focused approach to supporting twice-exceptional students on their journey to connect with others in ways they feel happiest. 

The overall aim is to:
1. Empower our kiddos to socialize successfully and sustainably 
2. Encourage parents and educators to inventory and challenge preconceived ideas around socializing 

The presentation takes participants on a journey through ten research-based strategies to accomplish the two aforementioned goals.  

Additionally, those who stay until the end will receive FREE BONUS resources to further student and parent growth at home!  

Our speaker for this event will be Sam Young from the Young Scholars Academy. 

Mr. Sam, M.Ed., is the founder and director of Young Scholars Academy, a two-time Fulbright Scholar, a former Bridges Academy teacher of nearly 10 years, and a Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity graduate.  He is a neurodivergent educator himself, and he has committed his life to supporting twice-exceptional/neurodivergent students by helping them discover, develop, and lead with their strengths, talents, and unique interests.

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