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The Texas Legislative Session begins Jan 10, 2023

We are excited to share the 2023 GEFN Legislative and Advocacy Priorities approved by our Legislative and Advocacy Committee and Board.

  • (1) Priority: Oppose legislation that authorizes state funds to be used for private schools
    • Funding is critical for our public schools to meet the needs of students who are academically advanced, who have disabilities, or both. Vouchers will deplete funds from our already underfunded public schools. It is essential for supporters of gifted education to join other public education advocates in opposing the use of public funds toward private and home schools.
  • (2)  Priority: Increase GT Allotment, tying funding to State Plan enforcement
    • In 2019, the longstanding GT Allotment (earmarked GT funding for public school districts in Texas) was eliminated and rolled into the Basic Allotment.  Although TEA guidelines directed districts to continue previous funding levels, and although a smaller GT Allotment was restored in 2021, a number of Texas district GT programs lack adequate funding for programming and identification processes that are necessary for transparency, accountability, excellence, and equity in GT education.
  • (3)  Priority: Update Requirements for Early Kindergarten Entry
    • Currently, parents wishing to enroll a child younger than age 5 in kindergarten must demonstrate that their child can prove mastery of third grade content (Tex. Educ. Code §48.003(d)(1)).  This requirement is not based on current research recommendations and is not in the best interests of gifted children. The level of mastery required for early kindergarten entry should be lowered.
  • (4)  Priority: Increase statewide access to free or low-cost high quality, evidence-based opportunities for GT training to serve the growing population of GT students in Texas
    • To improve training access for rural and underserved areas of Texas, and because recommendations for teaching advanced learners have changed based on current research, Texas teachers need additional opportunities for free and low-cost professional development that includes characteristics, needs, and teaching strategies for gifted learners.

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